That light that rules over day
Was baking hot.
The pumpkin leaves bowed to gravity
As if be-moaning a tragedy.
In a distance, I could see a mirage
Escape from the bone dry ground.
This place looked dreary! With tranquility.

Little children playing under a shade,
Along the road, was a woman.
Balancing a pot on her head,
Covered in beads of sweat.
A cow racing to a small pool of water
Besides the borehole.
The trees were all still,
As if waiting for a command.

Suddenly! Dark angry clouds.
Race towards the sun! Were they just sent?
In no time, the hills and the village was covered in darkness.
A mother angrily calling at her children to find shelter.
A beau-coup of people running helter-skelter.
A man races by on a bicycle.
Head bowed, focused on the finish line. Home.
Lightening flashes! And again! The god of thunder is awake!

Now the trees, waving enthusiastically.
A window vigorously bangs and cracks.
The iron sheets are at the mercy of the wind.
Loud thunder, followed by wind,
Now no one is at sight.
Then the down pour.

                                         Omwony Liberty Israel


“Music is life itself,” – Louis Armstrong. In every society and generation, music has always been a very important aspect of living. It is important because of its attachment to our emotions. Music as a whole speaks volumes of emotions. Emotions influenced by attitudes and perceptions. Composers and players of music simply put emotions in melody and the melody does the magic.

Every musical voice has a person behind it who represents certain values, beliefs and perceptions whether conscious or unconsciously. The kind of music we listen to in a certain way agrees to our beliefs and attitude or even influences our beliefs and attitude in a long run.

But in a generation like ours, particularly in my country Uganda, the people to a greater extent influence the output of the music industry. Composers and players try to satisfy the consumer’s demands. Let us get this right, the composers and players are not to blame, but the fans.

We tend to love trends forgetting that they tend to end without even us noticing. And again we fail to value substance and go with the trends. Most trending songs are hyped songs, not every hit song is the best song.

Most of these songs are actually just well marketed. (I am not against marketing songs). But truthfully these presenters and DJs are paid by the artists for airplay. And because a song is over played, you are most likely to think it is good. “Out of sight, out of mind.” The human mind tends to adapt and love things that it’s so familiar with. Everything is about perception. Where does this game leave the young artists with good music who don’t have that much money to pay presenters and DJs?

The ball goes back to we the consumer’s of this music. We pay attention to people who dont deserve the attention, but just because they are marketed to us. There is alot of music with substance out there, on streaming platforms that is not celebrated. Go out and search out who you want to listen to and who speaks to your soul through their craft. What are you listening to? How does it sound? Choose what to listen to without any external influence.

Omwony Liberty Israel


Though being a noble Savage;

You are bone of my bone

Flesh of my flesh.

My cup that overflows,

Fills your cup.

The deep sleep I slept,

Was a rib at first but you at last

I build, you make

I strengthen, you make firm.

There is no way to remunerate you.

I will gash my being and pour myself to you.

Promise me one thing,

Our immortal beings stay in fellowship.

Our fellowship to fulfill our stewardship,

Our stewardship to bring divinity

Even to the mortals.

Omwony Liberty Israel